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Drawer Magnet Supplier

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Drawer Magnets Manufacturer

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To fulfill specific application needs, we are engaged as drawer magnet supplier, manufacturer and exporter in India and offer these products at various sizes and shapes. We use the latest machinery and technology to cater to the growing demand of the market. Our drawer magnets are appreciated for its long life, durability, design and smooth functioning. We strongly believe in high performance and zero defects. Our especially design drawer magnets are used in capturing fine magnetic particles. As a leading drawermagnet manufacturer and supplier, we are equipped with latest quality tools that can check performance and quality of each product to ensure flawless performance without any defect. The further customer can avail these products at market leading prices.

Our main inception is to set some records by the clients and their great experiences due to the zero defects and highly led performance. Strongly and weakly magnetic particles, all kinds of particles are draw very mounted and easily for high performance and manufactured by the drawer magnet manufacturers.

Gayatri Vibro Screen is Reliable and Economic Solution for any Screening, Grading, Filtering or Size Separations needs in your Process.

Where can we apply drawer magnets?

  • In the recovery of shots, we can use these magnets.
  • for the processing of minerals
  • industries related to medicines or pharmaceutical industry
  • industry of mining
  • recycling of tires
  • recycling of rubbers
  • industry of food processes
  • these magnets are applicable in the chemical processes
  • small scale industries use these magnets in their several sections
  • cement industry
  • gypsum sectors or industrial areas

In the process of powdery substances and to deal with such substances, these magnets are always preferred by drawer magnet manufacturers.

General features of magnets (drawer magnets)

  • Special applications of these goods made them suitable for multiple usages. These systems are so much great to use because of their multiple grids.
  • These magnets are fitted in the already existing pipelines which have various components on the outlet of the device. Blenders like equipments use these equipments or magnets by some simple techniques.
  • Permanent magnets have grids which are taken care with the technique of mounting. One over the other unit makes it more capable than any other magnets.
  • This is really easy to remove these grids from the equipment. While cleaning of machines, this factor helps us a lot.
  • manifold grids are present
  • their availability is possible due to their manifold grids
  • drawers are pulled without lots of efforts
  • handles and diverse varieties of drawer magnets separate the contaminated molecules from the needed items
  • gravity conveying system is applicable in real manner
  • separation task of the varieties handles with certain types