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Drum Type Magnetic Separator Manufacturer

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We are known as one of the market leaders in the segment of Drum type magnetic separator manufacturer, supplier, and exporter in India. These drum type magnetic separators are made from larger permanent magnets and capable of removing impurities and iron particles from processed materials. These magnetic equipment are used in various industries for different applications. Our products are highly appreciated for their long working life, less noisy operation and efficient performance. Customers can avail these products at various specification and requirements.

Our efforts and your trust for best drum type mgnetic separator manufacturer

There are two types of magnetic materials present in the industrial section and demand for the different solutions.

Ferrite magnets

These magnets have ceramic structure to be prepared in the term of separators. They have to be sub divided into the larger area and it is supposed to divide only for the technique of separation. Magnetic intensity in the average form of time is used for drum intensity and the intensity lies between the 1500 gauss to 2000 gauss.

Rare earth magnet

Higher intensity of rare earth as a magnetic separator and they are used as we use Neodymium - Iron – Boron. They are helpful to remove magnetic contamination. Lower magnetic properties and finer iron particles are needed for the process of separation. Average intensity of magnetic separation lies between 3500 gauss to 5500 gauss.

drum type mgnetic separator supplier in magnetic drum separator

Magnetic drum separator manufacturers provide lots of efficient articles and machines with a varied range of sizes. Every customer or user demands the items of distinct size and shape and we are the separated manufacturers and dealers who make the clients more comfortable and efficient by our unique equipment.

There are many customary drums with diameters of 300 mm to 800 mm and their ranging of varied drum width range. Minimum diameter we provide is 300 mm and maximum diameter is about 1500 mm.

They are made special with varied sizes and with the requirements. Greater materials and their volume have a really big diameter which is handled to the customers to customize their needs.

Why clients choose us as magnetic drum separator manufacturers?

They offer quality and maximum purity in they are established for the clients and can avail only by several distinct range or products at many competitive prices.

Powerful magnets are made to float on the equipments for drum separation technique which is made in a real way and it allows the materials to pass through it. This process is repeat twice known as twice influential magnetism character.

Vibrating feeders and inlet hoppers are the main part of compact machines are this is design according to the revolving the stainless steel or non magnetic material.

drum type magnetic separator manufacturer provide with customery drum diameters :

The Drum Type Magnetic Separator is available with customary drum diameters having 300 mm, 400 mm, 450 mm, 500 mm, 600 mm, and 800 mm of Drum width range respectively ranging from 300 mm to 1500 mm. Some other sizes may be made like special for your requirement. With bigger diameter, drum’s width is greater with material’s volume that may be handled.

Magnetic Materials:

Magnetic separators are offered with two different type of magnets.

Magnetic Materials:

Magnetic separators are offered with two different type of magnets.

Ferrite Magnet:

The magnetic separators having ceramic magnet can be useful for application where larger and free iron particles are supposed to be divided. The standard magnetic intensity for magnetic drum exterior can be around 1500 to 2000 Gauss.

Rare Earth Magnet:

A magnetic separator having higher intensity Rare Earth Nd-Fe-B (Neodymium- Iron- Boron) magnet can be useful in removing the magnetic contaminations with lower magnetic properties as well as finer iron particles need be separated. An average magnetic intensity for drum surface can be around 3500 to 5500 Gauss.