Magnetic Drum Pulley

Magnetic Drum Pulley Gujarat

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Magnetic Drum Pulley

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We Gayatri Separation is known as a market leader in the segment of magnetic drum pully manufacturers, supplier, and exporters in India. These magnetic pulleys are widely used in various industries for the separation of magnetic particles and impurities from nonmagnetic materials. Our expert team is working with full dedication to offering high-quality magnetic pulley of various specifications to all valuable clients. Additionally, we used the latest machinery and advanced technologies to make efficient, durable and rigid magnetic drum pulley for various industrial use. Our magnetic pulley is sold globally as they are highly demanded in the global market. The customer can avail this machine as per their specification and requirement

Product easiness and client’s interest

Magnetic drum pulley India attained the important position throughout the world with a great ease due to the product value and also because of the services provided by us to our clients.

By using sophisticated tools from the past few years this is now easy to understand what are the manufacturing magnets and machines. Our product demand is not only in India but our products are popular and demanded overseas too and we distribute them more efficiently.

Our dual-purpose equipment made us specialists in the field and protect the machinery for the purifying skills which we obtained in raw manners through mines. Machines are utilized on the removal of the tramps of iron with the help of conveyor belts.

General features magnetic drum pulley India:

  • SS 304 is used in magnetic drum pulleys.
  • High power of magnets consisting in the pulleys.
  • Operations are trouble free.
  • Highly efficient
  • Weigh is light as compare to other devices
  • Construct in a robust manner
  • Center of belt is generated due
  • To the powerful magnetic field
  • Mild steel shaft removed
  • Chemical and corrosion resistance
  • There is no need of DC connection

Particle of magnetic iron are extracted in magnetic head roller by carrying the beneath of conveyor belt. Magnetic strength of pulley depends upon the diameter of quality and magnets with two districted parameters.