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Magnetic hump supplier

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Gayatri Separation is leading magnetic hump manufacturer and Supplier in India. Our magnetic hump is widely used for separating ferrous metal from powder, granules and food products. It is used where the flow of material is vertical. Magnetic hump is generally contains two plate of magnets which is mounted in an offset housing and installed in spouts. Falling material strikes directly on the first magnet, change direction and falls on the second magnet, ensuring clean and effective output of material and protect machinery from damages. These magnets are of hinged type and easily openable for cleaning. They provide output of excellent separation for high value or abrasive materials. They are made from permanent magnet of high coercively. These powerful magnetic plates hinged on S.S and catch all ferrous particles from material flow and secure machinery from damage. Its plates are easy to clean and open.

Magnetic hump manufacturer hump magnet with lower heights, called as half hump magnet. It has advantage over hump magnet in terms of height and used where hump magnets cannot fit due to height restriction. Its working principle is same as Hump magnet, directs the material flow on the permanent magnet for breaking up aggregated material and capturing metal contaminants.

Our magnetic products are made from high quality permanent magnet and it is passes through strict quality checks before final dispatch to clients. Further we are offering wide range of hump magnets as per customer requirement and specification at competitive price.


  • One separation unit
  • Industrial, food and dairy grades are also available
  • Simple structure, easy assembling, effiecient working and rigid constrution