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  • Vibro Screen
  • Drawer Magnets
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  • Magnetic Equipments
  • Magnetic Drum Pulley
  • Magnetic Plate
  • Magnetic Rod
  • Pipe Magnet
  • Lifting Magnet
  • Funnel Magnet
  • Magnetic Separator - (1)
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  • Deck Vibrating Screens
  • Suspension Magnets
  • Magnetic Humps
  • Magnetic Floor Sweeper
  • Magnetic Racks
  • Hopper Magnets
  • Coolant Separator
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Our Sister Concerns

Being a well established Magnetic Plate manufacturer, supplier and exporter in India, we are engaged in offering various range of magnetic plate and equipments. Magnetic plate is important element is various industrial sectors immensely and find application in industries where separation is key process.

Iron separation is definitely not an easy task and this can be made very easy only by few easy step and utilization of our separators. We always try to put our whole potential in the indispensible components and made to follow the iron separators for the whole procedure followed inside the perfect industries.

Magnetic Plate Manufacturers India

Our magnetic Plate and their utilization in different kinds of industrial sectors

We can apply these manufacturing articles in different areas like in food industry, chemical industry, ceramic industrial areas, mineral required and preparing areas, maintenance areas and some times in the pharmaceutical industry.

The magnetic elements are used in fine iron tramps and ferrous materials from various free fluid and flowing materials. Like sugar, gravel, flour, plastic and other such types of powder or granulated materials. Abrasive materials are sometimes used for the separating technique.

Features introduced of Magnetic plate manufacturers India:

  • Durability is high and performed very efficiently by magnetic equipment manufacturers
  • Designing do not means that how your system looks like by physical appearance but this means by the how our machine works according to the requirements of clients.
  • Earth magnets are generally used in the activity and rare earth magnets are used in those types of means.
  • Operated and installed in a simple manner
  • They are really light in weight
  • User friendly nature makes them adorable
  • Cost effectiveness are one of the best quality
  • Greatly efficient
  • Magnetic surface is made up with SS 304/316
  • Swing open modeling and cleaning
  • Hinged models are used in the whole process
  • Operations are demands for the maintenance