Overband Magnetic Separator

Overband Magnetic Separator Exporter

we are well known overband magnetic separator manufacturer, supplier and exporter in India, these magnetic separators are made to remove tramp metal carried by a vibratory feeders in the product and used in recycling and heavy industries. Overband magnetic separator is used to protect many type of machines such as shredderss and crushers to remove particles and purify products. It is useful in industries like cal, mines, cement, foundries, food, chemical, Iron, Glass and waste recycling plants. Overband magnetic separator is used when removal of ferrous contamination is required. Our offered magnetic separators are highly appreciated in the market for their long working life, rigid construction and high quality operation. We offer these products to the customer as per their requirement and specification at discounted price.


  • Used in ceramic or rare earth magnet.
  • Separator body covering
  • Low maintenance
  • Rough and tough construction
  • High efficiency
  • Long life of belt


  • There are mainly five types of separators are designed to operate over the conveyor
  • while choosing the type of separator, many important parameters taken into consideration by overband magnetic separator manufacturer. belt speed, density, granulometry, nature of the product and size of the pieces.


Two pieces of U-section are fixed on the magnet by fasteners and supporting bearing drums. Which are also equipped with shafts which are mounted on removable hubs. All bearings are equipped for tightening the belt. Belt is driven by reduction gear which is coupled to electric motor.

Magnet Unit:

The magnet of overband magnetic separator is made of strontium ferrite or earth magnet and throughout the life of installation, it will provide guaranteed magnetic power. Electrical power supply is not required. For covering the poles of magnet, A non-magnetic stainless steel plate is also provided