Single Drum Type Magnetic Separator

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Single Drum Type Magnetic Separator

Our Sister Concerns

Gayatri Separation is known as one of the fastest growing single drum type magnetic separator manufacturer, supplier and exporter in India. Our magnetic separators are used to separate impurities from process materials. They are available in various size, design, specification and customer requirement. Furthermore our quality professionals check each magnetic separator on different parameters to ensure that each equipment provide best performance.Magnetic drum separator India is the investors or manufacturers of the magnetic drum separators and they are used in various industries some best features which we can see them.

Where we can apply magnetic drum separators?

  • food industry
  • chemical modification and related industry
  • timber industry
  • industries of ceramic materials
  • recycling of tires
  • industries of recycling and these materials are highly efficient
  • mining industries
  • There are many other sectors in the societies which are highly using these spectrum drums which are known as magnetic drum separators India.

Features included by the magnetic drum separators India

  • Drum attached to the magnetic spectrum can be removed easily and thus this is easy to utilize and transport it.
  • strong construction make is distinguish than any other related options
  • rugged construction is also one of the important factor for the complete phenomenon
  • feed rate is adjustable than any other separator drum
  • it is prevented pollution and dust in a complete manner and this is because of the enclosed nature of the materials
  • Iron impurities of all kings either in the powder form or in the large compound form.
  • Rates are adjustable according to the demand of the clients.
  • iron impurities are separated in a real automatic manner
  • They are powerful magnets and permanent too. so they are considered as the one time investment so are integrated very uniquely
  • very low amount of noise produced while we use magnetic drum spectrum
  • there is latest coercively and they are known as latest anisotropic permanent magnets
  • feed rate is adjustable than any other separator drum
  • this is easy to maintain the whole activity
  • magnetic field is stable in manner
  • rare ferrite earth magnets and they make as stable magnetic field
  • results we got from it are highly beneficial
  • without any excitation system they save lots of energy
  • equipments are valuable as in grinders, rollers and crushers
  • they based on the prolonged periods and work made them in all the suitable and unsuitable environment