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We are known as leading Vibro screen supplier, manufacturer and exporter in India. Backed by expert industrial professionals we are able to supply wide range of Vibro screen machine in various technical specifications. Our Vibro machines are very useful in many industries such as food, feed, chemical, pharmaceutical, agricultural, colour, plastic and many more. Moreover our each machine is manufactured under guidance of qualified professionals as per set industrial set and standards. We use high quality raw materials from reputed supplier to provide best quality and high performative Vibro screen machine in India. Our Vibro machines are well known for their effective operation, low noise, effective output and performance.

Why to choose only us while there are many designated options present in the market?
  • This is really easy to open them
  • Dust proof nature make them unique in comparison to the other devices
  • There is no utilized of screen choking
  • Blinding of no screens
  • There is automatic discharge only because of the efforts of vibro screen manufacturers India
  • Compact designing of the products
  • There is low requirement of maintenance
  • Mesh screening of multiple nature
  • Gyro screen India are highly flexible for screen change
  • Elegant designs by vibro separators manufacturers

Foremost of the manufacturers in all over the efforts of India vibro separators manufacturer due to the demand of clients designed only for the completed in a varied manner. This is important to complete the varied industry with lots of machines and tools in a leading manner and thus be able to penetrate or to vibrate the technical expert advice.

There are many points used for the modification and designing of screening of these machines and these are utilized as:
  • First of all classification of the industry must be contained and used for the screening
  • Filtration
  • Target machines and performance
  • Excellent user performance and the material size
  • Removal of undersize particles
  • Grading of the raw material must have to be great so that we are here with the good will in domestic and international market
  • Performance of operation and their versatile designs

These machines are specially design on the principle of gyratory motion and the vibration produced in two peculiar weights is particularly designed for the vibratory motion. Heavy duty and their double ending motors make their combination as the vertical and horizontal vibrations as for the moves of materials.

Priority is given to the definite path are discharged through the machines. Bending of machines are enormous the machines for specific kind of applications. These devices are designed for the industrial sector demands for the varied technical demands and especially equipped.

Product Details:

Vibro Screen Manufacturer India finds application to
Food Dehydrated Food, Spices, Flour
Agro Guar Gum, Isabgul
Seed Wheat, Sesame, Whole Spices, Nut, Castor, Soya
Ceramics Zircon, Glazed Tiles, China Clay
Paper Paper, Paper board, Duplex
Oil Castor, Ground Nut, Soyz, Oil Seeds
Plastics Rotomoulding, Reprocessed Granule, PVC Resin, PVC Cables
Paint Industry Pigments, Emulsions, Aluminium paste, Varnish, Solvent etc.
Chemical Dyes/Intermediates, Paints/Pigments, Pesticides
Pharma Shifting, Tablet De-dusting, Granule Grading
Metal Ferro Alloys, C.L. Power, Foundries
Abrasives Minerals, Ores, Refractory, Silica
Other Foundry Sand, Telfon Power, Bone Chips
Screen Size
Discharge Height Overall HeightH Motor HP
1st Outlet H1 2nd Outlet H2
GVS-600 600 530 405 670 0.5
GVS-900 900 640 460 775 1.0
GVS-1200 1220 760 570 940 1.5 - 2.0
GVS-1500 1525 785 590 1375 2.0 - 3.0
GVS-1800 1820 900 645 1600 3.0 - 5.0

Advantages of Gayatri Vibro Screen

  • No Screen Choking / Blinding
  • Continuous / Automatic Discharge
  • Dust Proof
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Low Maintenance
  • Easy to Open
  • Screen Change Flexibility
  • Multiple Mesh Screening
  • Compact and Elegant Design


G.V.S. (Gayatri Vibro Screen) is designed for the principle of the gyratory motion. The vibrations are produced by the two peculiar weights mounted scheduled on the particularly designed vibratory motor which is heavy duty and double ended. The Gyro Screen imparts the combination of vertical as well as horizontal vibration like material moves with a definite path prior to this is discharged through the machine. The Gyro Screen gives an enormous deal of bending the machine for specific applications.

Product Design:

Gayatri Separation is constant solution provider of Vibro screen machines, where most challenging duties and constant high performance is required. With the excellent strength, durability, quality, and performance offered by gayatri vibro screen machine in such a way that it is getting wide acceptance in various industries across the globe.

Known as vibro screen exporter in India, we have always been given our best effort in the production of vibro and gyro screen machine in India. Our vibro screen machines are highly appreciated for its best performance by different business customers across the world. As a leading vibro screen supplier in India, we are able to provide vibro screen machine in customized model and various technical specification as per customer requirement.