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  • Drawer Magnets
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Hopper magnet supplier

Our Sister Concerns

We are the responsible hopper magnet supplier and manufacturer in India. We also export our hopper magnets and magnetic grills in all over the Asia and many other neighboring countries. We are engaged in separation magnets forming from past many years. Our each magnetic product is known for its quality, durability and designs. Further we are able to provide these products as per customer requirement and specification..

Our products like magnets have now become essential component for the companies and machines to achieve to show the purity of material segregation and other comparing products.

Features included in the separation specialists:

  • Available in SS 304/316
  • Unique designing of our products make our products special by magnet manufacturers
  • Durability
  • Performance up to the optimum nature
  • Efficiency is really high
  • Magnetic field strength is high
  • This can be easily cleaned with the magnetic surface
  • Operations are uncomplicated

Hopper magnet Supplier and magnetic grill manufacturers are focused on the following things:

  • Customers required for the perfect perfection as per of product
  • Time deliveries of products are by the hopper magnet Supplier and strengthen it.
  • Contaminated materials are against for protection of machines
  • Maintenance free operations by magnet manufacturers are required by every client and they are specially designed and demanded so this is maintenance of quality in the product and services make us strong in the market.
  • There is a little bit need to maintain our products because with a little bit of maintenance, long term or life is ensured for the customers.

Our continuous efforts and dedication makes primary choices as the best deals for users and in India and other oversea countries we supply our products with great efficiency due to the interest of users.

Product by segregation

We are so much popular in all over the globe due to our work factor. We always try to separate input material by the output materials and hopper magnets Supplier and manufacturers of other hopper products are always compliment your work with the efficiency of mechanics by the process of segregation and protect your machines from the contamination