Magnetic Head Pulley

Gayatri separation is leading magnetic head pulley manufacturer, supplier and exporter in India, offering various types of magnetic head pulley and magnetic drum pulley for the separation of impurities and magnetic particles from non magnetic materials. Our uniform magnetic pulley has ability to make your belt conveyor working as effective self cleaning magnetic separator. Uniform magnetic field generated by magnetic circuit is helpful for removing tramp iron from belt conveyor. The impurities are held onto the belt after attracting through strong magnetic field of the head pulley. These separated ferrous fines sent out of the field and collected in separate bin while clean material is discharged through output over the magnetic pulley.Unwanted iron particles from materials can be removed easily for preventing machinery damage and product contamination.

Magnetic head pulley is one of the most ideal magnetic products for removing contamination like nuts, cans, nails, wire and spikes from the conveyor. It is one of the best options for removing unwanted metal particles from your material stream. They designed for long lasting operation and do not require special maintenance services. It is made from quality magnets placed inside drum shell of stainless steel with shaft where shaft is carefully designed from steel with perfect dimensions and able to handle required product load. Installed in belt conveyors as head pulley, our magnetic pulleys are able to separate particles of any size from non ferrous material effectively.

Our modern machinery and large infrastructure is able to develop durable, efficient and rigid magnetic pulley as per different industrial applications. Our magnetic products are highly appreciated among global as well as domestic customers for its lifelong performance. Additionally in order to provide good customer service, our support team is working with full dedication. Known as leading magnetic head pulley manufacturer, we offer our product as per customer requirement and specification.

  • Product Specification
  • It can be installed easily on conveyor
  • It provides complete protection for removing contamination.
  • We provide magnetic head pulley of different size as per conveyor.
  • Earth Magnets or Ceramic Magnets are used in the pulley

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