Plate Magnet Manufacturer

We are leading plate magnet manufacturer, supplier and exporter in India. These are important magnetic equipments used for the ferrous materials and tramp iron separation from various processing materials like plastic, sugar, flour, corn and other similar granular materials. High surface strength of plate magnet makes it capable for ferrous contaminant and damaged metal removal applications. It can also protect plant by removing tramp iron such as nuts, bolts, nails and other contaminations from material flowing carried in conveyor belts, chutes ducts and screens. Whether the moving material is food, gains, pulp or plastic the outcome is full process machinery protection.

Our offered magnets are cost effective and useful in many industries such as chemical, plastic, food, grain, textile, minerals, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals etc. Normally plate magnets can be installed in housings. We supply these magnets in various size and specification to meet specific requirement and plant condition of customer. These are generally installed in the bottom side of chute to provide maximum product protection through magnetic circuit. Face of the plate magnet produces strong magnetic field to pull out ferrous contaminants from the product stream. The strongest magnetic field produces by these magnet get weaker as it further move away. Some time ferrous contamination washed off from other on coming input so we put a trap face design on the working surface of the magnet. It is positioned within north and south magnetic fields where captured impurities sent down of the trap and held safely there for effective prevention of wash off from oncoming product.

Our customized high strength models are very useful to remove ferrous metals from liquid as well as fibrous materials. It is made up of refined quality durable steel to ensure customer satisfaction. It is easy to install, require no maintenance and can be clean manually. Our highly qualified professionals hold specialization to provide perfect solution in the domain of magnetic separation products. Further we offer these high quality plate magnets at budget friendly prices as per given specifications.

plate magnet
plate magnet

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